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In previous articles, I mentioned the practical uses of children’s bunk beds, for space-saving utilization, storage and fun ideas for children. In this article, the main objective is on safety.

The U.S. Consumers Product Safety Commission has generated new mandatory standards for children’s bunk beds which are expected to improve safety to the hundreds of thousands of children who use them.

All bunks and lofts should have guard rails, however, if you’re planning of purchase a bed that stands taller than 30 inches, the railing must stretch over the entire length around the wall side of the bed. Also, the guard rail gaps on the upper and lower bunks must not allow a child’s head, torso, or limbs to secure them. The recommended gap distance is under three-and-a-half inches in width.

One in the most important facts to consider when choosing a bunk bed purchase is safety, especially when it demands our kids.

After investing in a new bunk bed, be sure the assembly instructions and the pieces are included. However, what if you purchased pre-owned bunk bed that did not feature assembly instructions? That was the case using the bunk bed we purchased years back before we decided to start our personal bunk bed online outlet.

Once we reached the house, the bed sections were unloaded and taken to the boy’s bedroom for reconstruction. Thankfully, I was capable of reading my own, personal handwriting and was able to keep to the disassembly instructions in reverse, and re-assembly the bunk bed without major problems. I made certain the bed sections were tightened securely using the special tool.

We found the bed for sale in the newspaper, copied down the address, and took a drive towards the seller’s house to evaluate against each other. The bed is at good condition, fully assembled, nevertheless, the mattresses were earliest pens and exhausted.

We asked owner queries about the bed, such as the age in the bed and exactly how often it was applied. Since the assembly manual wasn’t available, we asked the vendor if he could show us the best way to disassemble the bed as a way to fit it in the back of our pickup. At least the seller was built with a special tool to loosen the nuts, thus allowing us to get rid of several sections in the bed for shipment back to your home.

There are three extremely important how to make simple mention of at this stage:

1) Label each portion of your bunk bed so that you can tell the way the pieces fit together.
2) Take a lot of notes about the assembly process, simply because this can become your official assembly guide later.
3) Remember to ask for any special assembly/disassembly tools from the previous owner, which will make your re-assembly task go much smoother.

We promptly replaced the previous mattresses with new, much more comfortable ones. We made certain the new mattresses were the proper size to adjust to the frame. Never work with a mattress it doesn’t fit the bed frame.

We filed our hand-written “assembly” instructions away for safe keeping. There might be a requirement of them in the foreseeable future, and this will be nice to own saved them when the time comes.

Children under the ages of six aren’t meant to use the top bunk. Also, no more than one child should occupy the most notable bunk.

It doesn’t matter should you buy a new or used bunk bed, always inspect it for damage and other flaws before allowing your kids to make use of it. Use guardrails on both sides with the bed, and ensure they’re securely available all the time, regardless of age in the child. The ladder must be securely fastened on the bed as well. Repair or replace any loose guardrails or ladder rungs or hardware immediately.

During the night time, additionally, it is a good idea to own a nightlight on within your child’s bedroom. This can help your child see the ladder easier in the event they must get out of bed during the night time.

Most children find bunk beds interesting. It is also a great choice if you wish to maximize space in your kid’s bedroom and they may be cheaper in comparison with purchasing 2 or 3 separate beds. However, it is essential that before choosing the bed, you inspect it closely to ensure they may be safe.

Finally, the easiest method to prevent accidents and injuries is usually to teach children precisely what is and isn’t allowed on and around the bunk bed. Properly instructing children about bunk bed safety can prevent serious injury.
Stay safe kids, and enjoy yourself!

Bunk beds are either created from wood, steel or perhaps a mixture of both. Some would point out that steel is a lot more durable compared wood and vice versa. Bunk bed manufacturers have a strict standard to ensure the beds are durable and safe. However, you should also look at the beds closely whether you’re purchasing the wooden type or even the steel type.

If you purchase the wooden bed, make sure that it is manufactured from strong, durable wood, understanding that it really is treated to get proof against termites along with other bugs. For the steel type children’s bunk beds, search for loose screws understanding that the bed stands firmly and does not wobble when you make an effort to shake it.

When the bed is delivered to your home, pay attention to damages prior to deciding to stick them together to help you ask them to replaced or fixed through the manufacturer or even the store.

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